Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I am all Kinds of Full of Thanks!

This month – thanks to the suggestion of a dear friend – I have been thankful for stuff. Like, seriously thankful. Like thankful-out-of-the-wazoo kind of thankful. I have been earnestly committing to reflecting each morning on one thing to be thankful for and sharing that reflection here.

But today I am going to generalize my thankfulness. Because – honestly – I’m feeling lazy. And I don’t want to spread my thankfulness too thin. But don’t doubt that I could. I could totally whip up 100 things to be thankful for and include the truly important things in life like sunshine and impending vacations. But instead of a cornucopia of thankfulness today I’m going to reduce my thanks to just 1. That’s right - one generic TODAY I AM JUST PLAIN ASS THANKFUL. For my life. For everything in my life. I am all kinds of full of thanks!

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