Saturday, April 3, 2010

Paddling Drummond Island . . .

My paddle's keen and bright

Flashing with silver

Follow the wild goose flight

Dip, dip and swing

Dip, dip and swing her back

Flashing with silver

Swift as the wild goose flies

Dip, dip and swing

Drummond Island is a paddler’s paradise of sheltered bays, forested islands, and stone-studded shorelines in northern Lake Huron. The Island and its many satellite islands combine to form a marvelous playground for seasoned kayakers. Of course, Drummond’s quiet bays and forested shoreline can also be explored and enjoyed by less experienced paddlers on day trips and overnighters, provided they select a sensible route geared to their experience level.

The newly issued Drummond Island Recreation Map, published by the Drummond Island Tourist Association (DITA) identifies six (6) paddling areas to explore. The DITA recreation map is a 21” by 29.5” full color map, highlighting the six paddling areas and trails. It is a must have item for anyone wanting to kayak this area.

For more information on the routes and where to get a map go to the official Drummond Island Tourist Association website:

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