Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Biking the Gem . . .

Bicycle Drummond

Ride around the Gem

Go easy, look hard.

- bicycle haiku by Candis Collick

The Island is a special place, you needn't go more than a couple of miles in any direction to be "in the bush" on one of it's many terrific mountain biking trails. It is ideal for people who like to explore interesting habitats and are game for a bit of adventure. But the island isn't all neatly signed and interpreted. When getting out and exploring the wild areas, it is very easy to end up taking an interior road that turns into a two track, that then all but disappears. So before you head out-and-about, be sure to stop by the DITA office located at the Four Corners and pick up a copy of the new Island maps. 

Drummond Island Tourist Association
P.O.Box 200 Drummond Island, MI 49726
906-493-5245 or 800-737-8666

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