Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Fish Fry Friday!

It is the end of another week. The weekend looms, with its change of pace and flexible ambiance. You’ve grown tired of dispatching quick and efficient evening meals. You don’t have the heart to produce grander fare for a celebration. Hey, it’s Friday night! Time to take a break and go out for fish!

Friday nights on Drummond Island translate to “let’s meet for fish.” You know you can go just about anywhere on a Friday night and find a delicious, reasonably-priced meal of fish. But from my perspective nothing compares to Fish Fry Friday at the Northwood. Especially if Celia is in the kitchen cooking!

Windy and raw, the late, wintry afternoon sinks into dusk. You gratefully seek refuge from the dark and cold, opening the tavern door. Warmth, happy chatter, and the moist aroma of stale beer mixed with frying fish invite you in. The immersion in the familiar excites and soothes. For a moment you wrestle with the anticipation of a cherished meal and fears of a long wait.

Fish Fry Friday is not just a tasty meal, reasonably priced. It is a socially-charged atmosphere where friends, family, and neighbors mingle, exchange stories, share comfort food and drink. All the while partaking of the Island’s famed friendly ambiance. It is an Island event. And it doesn’t matter how long you have been away – on a Friday night sharing stories and eating fish – you are always folded back in to the community.

Woe to unsuspecting Friday travelers arriving at mealtime expecting a fast and easy fish fry! The line may be long, but the wait is part of the festive sequence: strangers break into conversation while friends share camaraderie, sometimes at the bar or over a lively game of pool. Impatience is uncool. Bracketed and bolstered by companionship, the meal will eventually arrive.

When it is over you levitate back home – sated and warmed by food and spirit, the weekend officially opened.

If you head Up North be sure to stop by - the beer is always cold, the fish is always fried to perfection and you won't find a better selection on the juke box anywhere else!

The Northwood Restuarant and Bar
29944 E Channel Rd Drummond Island, MI 49726

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