Thursday, February 4, 2010

Garbage Bag Blues . . .

Takin' out the garbage can be such a drag

There's some crusty old gristle

hanging off a dish rag

That's sittin' right on top by some moldy old beans

If I hadn’t mixed it together in the wrong color bag

Takin’ out the garbage wouldn’t be such a drag.

I’m needin’ a solution to this

Wrong bag pollution

What can I do?

I am garbage bag blue

Hold it!

I know it!

I can swing by Wazz’s as I head to the dock

They have grey Waste Management bags in stock!

Dealin' with the garbage is a terrible task

But always be sure to do right by your trash

No black, no white, no green,

Only grey Waste Management bags can be seen!*

*Note: When tossing your trash on Drummond Island be sure to get an official grey Waste Management bag first. If you toss any other bag into one of the dumpsters at Wazz's the Garbage Police are sure to track you down and administer the appropriate fine. 
Then you too will be singing the Garbage Bag Blues . . .

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