Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fishing on Hard Water . . .

Starting in late December, the waters around Drummond Island ice up and enthusiasts take to the frozen playgrounds on snowmobiles and pickup trucks in search of fish. Basing their operations out of small shacks, the fishermen walk around the frozen landscape periodically, checking tip-ups, breaking up ice buildups and drilling new holes. These men and women (yes, the girls Up North take to the ice too) approach their fishing responsibilities seriously - not even sub-zero winters can bar them from enjoying the great white outdoors.

Ice Fishing
by W.J. Mallory
As a fisherman I'm not dumb;

But fishing at 10 below makes me numb;
Not to say it isn't nice;

Many fish from chalets on ice;
My experience has left me thinking;

Most guys out there are just drinking;
To Little Bay De Noc;

The ice fishermen do flock;
For whitefish and walleye they stay;

Sometimes a pickup sinks into the bay;
This winter has been balmy;

We should be watching for a tsunami;
35 degrees yesterday afternoon;

Noodle rod and waders will come out soon;
40 today, at last;

I'll be in the lake real fast;
Over the ice and into the lake;

As agile and lithe as a cold snake;
Finally fishing among the floes;

Bouncing from cube to cube my lure goes;
45 minutes before the cold sets in;

Zero caught, but at least I was fishin'

Sturgeon Bay Charters owner Meade Gable has been out on the ice surrounding Drummond Island just about every day this winter. His Fishing Reports are as entertaining as they are informative. To read a few for yourself head on over to his Facebook page:

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