Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chuck's Place!

I grew up in a family where everybody was a storyteller, but nobody wrote. It was that kind of Celtic, storytelling tradition: everybody would have a story to be shared at the local watering hole - a gathering place where folks relaxed at the end of a long hard day over a pint with good friends.

Chuck's Place is one of those places - where stories and spirits both flow freely. This is a quintessential old-time northwoods bar with mounted hunting trophies and a pool table with a slight lean that sits in the middle of the floor, surrounded by old tables. A dart board hangs on the wall, next to a big screen TV that continually broadcasts sporting events. Signed dollar bills adorn the walls - testimonials to those that have stopped by to enjoy the commaradrie and great food.

And while the end of the week might mean heading to the Northwood for Fish Fry Friday - the start of the week can only mean one thing. Time to take a break and head to Chuck's Place!

Monday nights on Drummond Island translate to “let’s meet for tacos.” You just put in a long, bone-tiring start to the work week and tomorrow will bring nothing but more of the same. Nothing lifts your spirits like walking into Chuck's and seeing the tables filled with friends and neighbors. The weight of the day's toll rolls off your shoulders. For a wee bit of time you can forget that Tuesday is just around the corner.

John Hillaby once wrote; "Few things are more pleasant than a village graced with a good church, a good priest and a good pub.”  He was surely writing about Chuck's!

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