Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Bucket List . . .

Top ten things all True Northerners MUST Eat Before They Die . . .

1. Fish Boil - a Great Lakes culinary tradition. The meal consists of whitefish (though lake trout can be used), with other ingredients.

2. Pasty WITH Rutabagas - while there are no completely standard pasty ingredients, the traditional recipe includes diced or sliced steak, finely sliced onion, and potato. Other common ingredients include rutabaga and sometimes parsley. The use of any carrot in a pasty is frowned upon by purists.

3. Raw Maple Sap - the Native Americans long recognized the sap of maple trees as a source of energy and nutrition.

4. Pickled Venison Heart - any hunter who dresses his own kill knows to never waste his kill. While flanks, steaks, and stew meat can be cut from the kill, and sausage can be made with seasonings and the intestinal track, one should not overlook the tasty snack of pickled deer hearts.

5. Morels - a glorious rite of spring! Stalking the great, elusive morel mushroom and then heading for the kitchen, grabbing the butter, heating up the skillet, or firing up the grill so you can prepare and devour them anyway you see fit!

6. Venison Sausage - put up nature's bounty and enjoy the taste of the outdoors

7. Whitefish Pate' - made from smoked whitefish and absolutely delicious with crackers and wine!

8. Fried Fish Roe (Yooper Caviar) - like caviar, but fried.

9. Fried Smelt - a tried and true way to cook smelt is to fry them.

10. Rhubarb Pie - classic and delicious rhubarb pie. The best way to finish any meal!
“The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook” - Julia Child

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