Saturday, May 1, 2010

Drummond Island Sunsets . . .

Note: Please wait the few seconds it takes for the slideshow to load. To truly appreciate the photos, click on the small icon in the lower righthand corner of the slideshow toolbar to go to *full screen*.
Then just sit back and enjoy!

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This slide show was made possible by all the wonderful
Drummond Island Michigan Facebook *Fans*
who generously shared their favorite DI sunset photos.
Special thanks go to the following (in no special order):
Chris Taylor, Aaron Belanger, Karen Elve, Dm Brys, Jack Egan, Heidi Heskett, Brad Rau, Missy Anderson, Gary Krywko, Scott Laaskso, Cj Roggow, Jacquelyn Guisbert, Summer Bartholomew Rose, Bill Bridges, Ross M. Kaplan, Aaron M. Jones, Derek Torno, DIsnowshoes, Danielle Guntzviller, Shannon Rose, Sarah Schackow, Betsy Boris, Jeannie Myers and your's truly, Candis Collick

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