Friday, January 29, 2010

Drummond Island Trivia

Think you know the Island? Think you know it really well? Then go ahead and take the challenge! See how fast you can decipher the clues and fill in the crossword blanks of this Drummond Island Trivia puzzle! And if you have trouble visualizing the placement of letters on your screen simply print the page out and pencil it in the old fashion way.

Answers in tomorrows U.P. North Life blog posting . . .

5. If they don't have it you don't need it

6. Where everybody knows your name

7. Mined in the quarry and shipped around the world

8. Bowling anyone?

10. ORV Park (two words - no space)

12. Island's favorite dessert spot (two words - no space)

14. Hard to get to but the view is worth it (two words - no space)

17. The marina where memories are made and traditions started (two words - no space)

18. National Wildlife Refuge (two words - no space)

19. Rare eco-system

20. Where every adventure starts and ends

21. Bingo anyone? (two words - no space)

22. Rustic five star dining

23. Most eastern watering hole in Michigan

1. Gas, Lotto tickets and so much more

2. Looks like Christmas Pudding but you wouldn't want to eat it

3. World class golfing

4. Airplanes and deer are common obstacles (two words - no space)

9. Go for a swim or enjoy a picnic lunch (four words - no spaces)

11. Home of the best blueberry pancakes in the north (two words - no space)

13. Where Huron bait and Chicago deli can be found under one roof (three words - no spaces)

15. Beacon for those vessels seeking the “Gateway to Superior.” (three words - no spaces)

16. It's a Jeep thing

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